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uk canada goose Ross Douthat and David Bentley Hart tell us how to find religious truthOne would think that Ross Douthat would have likedBarbara Ehrenreich recent New York Times piece describing a experience she had when younger an experience that could have been due to fatigue and hypoglycemia. From that she suggested that there may be something truly mysterious in the universe: another form of consciousness, perhapssomething beyond materialism.But theproblemwasthat Ehrenreich not only ruled out God (Douthat is religious), but said that horrors! canada goose outlet in chicago maybe science canada goose jacket outlet toronto could address these mystical experiences. As she noted:Is science ready canada goose outlet england to take on the search for the source of our most uncanny experiences?Fortunately, science itself has been changing. It was simply overwhelmed by the empirical evidence, starting with quantum mechanics and the realization that even the most austere vacuum is a happening place, bursting with possibility and giving birth to bits of something, even if they’re only fleeting particles of matter and antimatter. Without invoking anything supernatural, we may be ready to acknowledge that we are not, after all, alone in canada goose outlet houston the universe. There is no evidence for a God or gods, least of all caring ones, but our mystical experiences give us tantalizing glimpses of other forms of consciousness, which may be beings of some kind, ordinarily invisible to us and our instruments. Or it could be that the universe is itself pulsing with a kind of life, and capable of bursting into something that looks to us momentarily like the flame.Now the type of science she suggesting here is obscure, but never mind. To Douthat this kind of talk isa no no. He not only wants his God, but he wants it to be immune from empirical testing so that it can forever remaina possibility or, for him, a certainty. Douthat draws heavily on David Bentley Hart new book,The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss. canada goose outlet in canada As you may recall, Douthat promotedthat book as the one that canada goose vest outlet atheists must come to grips with since canada goose outlet new york it makesthe best argumentfor God.I just finished that book, and it not the best argument for God. It in in fact a series of recycledarguments for God couched in fancy and often arrogant language. Hart, however,claimsthat his book is not a proof of God existence, but merely a distillation of what God means to all religions (he claims it pretty much the same for every faith: a transcendent Ground of All Being that is above yet immanent in all things, and not anthropomorphic though he calls the god a and says it capable of anthropomorphic feelings like love). But most of Hart is really devoted toadducingevidencefor God. He brings upthe cosmological argument (something had to get it all started) as well as the existence of things like consciousness, rationality, and the sense of the beautiful that, he says, couldnever ever, be explained by naturalism. Indeed, at times he arguesthat beauty, consciousness, and rationality are God, so that there can be no way to disprove his/its existence at all.But most of Hart is a sophisticated series of old but updated God of the Gaps arguments, which havegained tractionbecause of a). Hart exceedingly refined version of God, one not shared by most believers, and b). the well written (and sometimespedantic) reiteration of old arguments about consciousness and the like that probablyappeal to a new generation of believers. Further, Hart doesn argue for the existence of his God (the Eastern Orthodox Christian one), so we are stymied in understanding why he holds the faith he does. He cagey whendealingwithhispersonalbeliefs: when it comes to what canada goose outlet boston he thinks aboutmiracles, for example, he simply says he the veil in front of his thoughts.But back to Douthat. Hart influence on himis clear in the following dismissal of science attemptsto understand canada goose outlet vip the supernatural (my emphasis):Which canada goose jacket outlet uk is not to say that science is helpless in the face of all supernatural claims and possibilities. Its methods are very good at debunking the claims of people professional psychics and alleged practitioners of telekinesis, most notably who insist thattheyhaverendered the numinous predictable and found a way to consistently harness invisible powers to visible ends. But this debunking is possible because of what’s being claimed by the Uri Gellers of the world a pretty much canada goose womens outlet consistent power, with mostly consistent results, that’s under direct human control. When you’re dealing with experiences that nobody really claims are predictable, and that at leastseem as Ehrenreich suggests to represent a canada goose outlet miami kind of breaking in from outside rather than an expression of human gifts or willpower,the same debunking logic just doesn’t apply.So by all means, neuroscientists should seek to understand mystical experiences, as they should seek to understand every other sort of experience but absent a revolutionary breakthrough in the science of consciousness, for the foreseeable future the best way to actually penetrate any distance into mystical phenomena will probably continue to be the twofold path of direct investigation and secondhand encounter. By direct investigation, of course, I mean personal prayer and meditation, which isthemajor path to knowledge if canada goose outlet toronto factory the major religious traditions are right about what’s going on here, and probably a useful path to some sort of knowledge even if they’re not.In this way he immunizes the search for God against canada goose outlet ottawa empirical considerations. Forget about the argument from evil, unanswered prayer, or God notable absence in the world. You can apply science to God because he reveals himself in unpredictableways.But that because,although personal revelations might be unpredictable, the kind of God that emerges from them, if such revelations arereally a source of truth, should be prettyconsistent across religions. It isn His second mistake is to argue that prayer and meditation (I almost wrote are to knowledge. Again, if they are, then that should be consistent among revelations. And again, it isn I won reiterate how the basic tenets of different faiths conflict, except to give one: if you a Muslim and think that Jesus was the son of God and was resurrected after being crucified, you go to hell. (Muslims also think that the Jesus who was crucified was an imposter a stand in for the real prophet.) But ifyou a certain type ofChristian, you think precisely the opposite: that accepting Jesus as God son and savior is theonlyway to get to heaven.Anyone who maintains that prayer and meditation are canada goose outlet price paths to knowledge about the divine has no idea what really means. Douthat caveat that maybe, if this path is wrong (how would we know?), there still sort of knowledge to be salvaged doesn hold water. Which knowledge is to be accepted, and which trashed?The encounter path to understanding God is William James path: study the lucubrations of mystics and those who have experienced revelations. As Douthat says:In the case of the numinous, this means reading actual mystics and religious texts, reading novelists and poets and essayists who take up these experiences and themes, exploring theology and philosophy, delving into the sociology and anthropology and psychology of religious experience, and so on.This comes up against the same canada goose clothing uk problem: while all these people have had experiences, they differ in content, so how can be distilled from them, particularly if one can get such experiences from drugs, electrical stimulation of the brain, or fatigue? (Read Michael Shermer experience of alien abductionduring a long distance bike race.)Finally, Douthat quotes a passage from Hart book one that occurs near the end that really annoys me. Remember that Hart book was promotedas the one canada goose outlet us book that, as atheists, wesimplyhadto canada goose outlet legit read to truly cometo canada goose outlet washington dc grips with the meaning ofGod. But now the bar is set higher!It’s remarkable how many recent “explorations” of religion (cough, Daniel Dennett, cough) don’t seem to grasp this point, whichDavid Bentley Hart’s recent bookdistills as follows:even if one’s concept of rationality or of what constitutes a science is too constricted to recognize the contemplative path for what it is, the essential point remains: no matter what one’s private beliefs may be, any attempt to confirm or disprove the reality of God can be meaningfully undertaken only in a way appropriate to what God is purported to be In my experience, those who make the most theatrical display of demanding “proof” of God are also those least willing to undertake the specific kinds of mental and spiritual discipline that all the great religious traditions canada goose outlet store montreal say are required to find God. If one is left unsatisfied by the logical arguments for belief in God, and instead insists upon some “experimental” or canada goose outlet ontario “empirical” demonstration, then one ought to be willing to attempt the sort of investigations necessary to canada goose outlet niagara falls achieve any sort of real certainty regarding a reality that is nothing less than the infinite coincidence of absolute being, consciousness, and bliss. No, we have to engage in long term prayer, for crying out loud!Buthow are we atheists supposed to do that? How can we pray to a Ground of Beingwe don accept? canada goose outlet store new york I simply couldn do it. How are we supposed to pray and leave ourselves open to grace with equanimity of faith when we don have any faith? Does this mean that Sam Harris, who has meditated for years and yet remained a nonbeliever, is the only one of us who qualifies as an expert atheist? And what about all those believers who once prayed ardently but then rejected their faith? Since they fulfilled Hart requirement, what do we make of them?This demand for prayeris asking too much, and is a sneaky and deceptive move on the part of Hart. First he claims that he not giving evidence for God. Then he tells us, at length, that theevidence is readilyavailable to everyone: the existence of consciousness, rationality, the love of beauty, and the fact that the universe had to begin somehow. Then, finally, he says that we can fully absorb all these arguments until we fall on our knees and make ourselves open to the God we don believe in and for a long time, too.Forget it. If God wants us to know him, he wouldn require this kind of three step tomfoolery. And if we do what Hart says, and pray for a long time, and yet till remain atheists, what the next hurdle he raisebefore us? It turtles all the way canada goose outlet trillium parka black down!Sorry, but I just suspend belief until God makes himself more obvious. As Delos McKown said, invisible and the nonexistent look very much alike. If there be no soul then, Jesus, You also are not true.”"The loneliness of canada goose outlet factory the heart that wants love is unbearable. Where is my Faith?”is such that I really do not see neither with my mind nor with my reason the place of God in my soul is blank There is no God in me when the pain of canada goose outlet store quebec longing is so great I just long long for God. The torture and pain I can explain. Mother Teresa uk canada goose.

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